OKC Remembered – #DiscoverOK

It’s only been a few months since I made Tulsa home, and it’s time I start exploring. I’m beginning a new series of posts called #discoverOK where I will share the experience. What better way to start than with a place that matched up with the appropriate occasion: the Oklahoma City Memorial over Memorial Day weekend.



Granted, most of these photos are of the park, but if you go to only the outdoor portion of the site, you’re missing out on the raw emotion captured in the museum’s storytelling. It had been a long time since I even thought about the OKC bombing, and I found the experience just as disturbing as it was meant to be.

It is a heart-wrenching multimedia drama— from the audio of the explosion in the beginning to the end when the shadow of a building was demolished and the last remaining bodies recovered. Except that it was real. This happened. And you’re left to consider what kind of monster would inflict such human suffering— what calloused heart could kill like this.

And you will walk away with no answers at all.